Terms & Conditions

Program Guidelines

Live 3D virtual reality (VR) streaming platform, Inverse Interactive Pty Ltd (ABN 26 643 702 854) (Inverse), supported by Music Victoria and the Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO), is calling out to Victorian musicians and performing artists to apply for a first-of-its-kind Music VR Backers Fund, created to aid export of Victoria’s emerging music talent to the world through immersive 3D VR streaming technology.

The Music VR Backers Fund is the first grant to offer emerging Victorian musicians the opportunity to connect with worldwide fans virtually, diversify their income and to transcend the physical limitations of COVID-19 restrictions being experienced around the world.

Selected artists will move onto creating a bespoke performance from Australia’s first made-for-VR venue in Melbourne’s inner city, in partnership with events production company Moon Mother Productions. Each filmed performance will then be broadcasted through Inverse’s VR and 2D streaming platform around the world during a three month virtual festival “Beyond Boundaries Festival” (VR Festival) commencing in April 2021.

1. How to Apply: Applications for the Music VR Backers Fund (Program) are open to anyone who identifies publicly as a Victorian artist/ group/ band (with at least one principle member permanently residing in Victoria, across all genres and on the terms set out in these Guidelines. In order to apply, you must complete the following steps:

  • Prepare your pitch in accordance with the guidelines below:
  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button on the main page and enter the following:
  • Provide your personal information (Artist/ Act Name; Applicant’s First Name; Applicant’s Last Name; Applicant’s Email; Applicant’s Phone Number)
  • Link to your pitch video:
    Shoot and supply a video pitch that covers the following three points (max length 1 minute). The video quality does not matter (can be shot on a phone or with professional gear), the most important thing is how you/ your act come across on camera, not the quality of the video or the edit – it’s about you.
    1. Introduce yourself expressing your passion for live performance and the experience it brings to your fans
    2. What attracts you to VR and the opportunities it will provide to evolve your live performance craft?
    3. What might this opportunity mean to you and your fans?
  • Supply your password for pitch video
  • Write your pitch essay:
    Write a pitch in 150 words or less telling us about your ideal 20 minute set. How you could make best use of Inverse’s 360/VR and multi-cam technology to give audiences entirely new view of your performance?
  • Link to footage of your act performing live
  • Details of your nominated ideal line up if you are successful:
  • Describe what you foresee being included in your production specifications if your act is chosen to perform (including number of musicians, gear, lighting etc). Consider: What will you bring (your own instruments)? What will need to be hired for your back line? How many people in your act? Will everyone need microphones? Etc. All the info you would provide a venue for a regular live gig – so we can be prepared.
  • Click which overseas markets you are seeking to build your fan base (USA; Europe; South East Asia; Middle East)
  • Links (or handles) to your social media channels (YouTube; Instagram; Facebook; TikTok)
  • Agree to the eligibility terms:
    1. Do you identify publicly as a Victorian artist/group/band (with at least one principal member permanently residing in Victoria)? (Yes; No)
    2. Is Your act able to attend a live performance for broadcast in Melbourne between April 2021 – July 2021? (Yes; No)
    3. Agree to these terms and conditions (Yes; No)
    4. Agree that all members of your act/ band are aged 18 years of age or older (Yes; No)

Please note that only one application per performing artist will be accepted.

2. Acceptance of Guidelines: these Guidelines together with all other information and instructions provided prior to applying for the Program, form part of the rules of applying. By applying, you are deemed to have accepted these Guidelines.

3. Eligibility: entry is open to any music artists who identify publicly as a Victorian artist/ group/ band (with at least one principle member permanently residing in Victoria). All members of the act must be aged 18+(on or after 4th April 2021). Applicants from different backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply, including First Peoples, Deaf and Disabled people, LGBTQIA+, residents in regional Victoria and applicants from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

4. Application Period: Applications for the Music VR Backers Fund open at 12:01am AEDT on Wednesday 3rd March 2021 and close 11:59pm AEDT on Sunday 4th April 2021. Your application must be received during the Application Period and will be deemed to be received only when received by Inverse. Inverse is not liable for any problems with communications networks. Applications can only be accepted via this online portal. Applications will not be accepted by mail or in person and the Inverse offices or by any other means.

5. Assessment: at the conclusion of the Application Period, an independent industry panel will judge all valid applications on creative and merit criteria. Successful applicants will be notified by email. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.

6. Program Details: there will be twenty (20) successful applicants (Artists) who go on to create a performance in VR, to be broadcast during the VR Festival.

  • Each Artist will be paid a fee of $2,500 (plus GST if applicable). The fee will be paid 20% on agreement to a scheduled performance time and date and the 80% balance after the completion of the performance (and subject to Inverse’s receipt of the Artist’s invoice).
  • The performances will be filmed for the VR Festival between 22 April 2021 to 22 July 2021, and applicants acknowledge that they will be available during this period with a final film time to be agreed between Inverse and each Artist selected for the Program.
  • Inverse reserves the right to change the dates of the festival due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • All acts must comply with Covid Safe regulations as outlined by DHHS at time of the performance.
  • Each performance will be a maximum of 20 minutes duration and Artists will be performing on a shared bill.
  • Artists will be billed in alphabetical order for any public promotion of the VR Festival.
  • Performances will be recorded at the Inverse VR Studio, located in South Melbourne, as well as other iconic live performance venues in Melbourne.
  • Performances will be broadcast live in VR to the Inverse app. There will be an option to also stream a single camera, 360 degree live stream to YouTube or Facebook at the discretion of the Artist.
  • Sound, lighting, basic visuals and artwork, animations and/or music video clip content projected across three individual walls in the venue will be supplied by Inverse. Inverse and the Artists agree to discuss the Artist’s individual requirements in good faith and unless otherwise agreed by Inverse, any additional visual design elements supplied by the Artist in the creation of visual assets for the performance shall be at the Artist’s cost.
  • Inverse will ensure that the Artist is consulted in the recorded music mix and Inverse in good faith will consider the opinion of the Artist at the time of finalising the broadcast mix. Inverse may allow the Artist one re-take of any song in the performance if time is available during the allotted studio time.
  • Your application, including any personal information (name, phone number, mailing address) will be received by Inverse and only shared with related third-party companies and/or affiliates such as VMDO and Music Victoria for the purpose of judging and awarding the fee to successful Artists. Each Artist will enter a separate agreement with Inverse which will cover additional terms such as:
  • Free stream: Single camera, 360 degree live stream to YouTube or Facebook at the discretion of the Artist.
  • A pro-rated share of the ticketing revenue from the Artist’s performance at the VR Festival.
  • The grant of VR rights to Inverse where “VR rights” means the right to distribute, market, display, project, publicise, sub-license, exploit, sell copies of and otherwise communicate the recording of your performance in all Inverse-branded VR media (including Inverse’s dedicated VR platforms and websites).
  • Participation in additional revenue opportunities at the Artist’s election.

7. Costs Associated with Program: each Artist is responsible for organising and paying any additional costs associated with the Program, outside of the fee and production costs by Inverse as set out above. These additional costs include costs such as travel to the Inverse VR Studio in South Melbourne (or other Melbourne venue), parking, meals, and any other expenses incurred by the Artist in participating in the Program.

8. Publicity: successful Artists will be notified by email and the full Artist name of the successful applicants will be posted on Inverse’s website and social medial platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok) following the end of the Application Period. Applicants consent to Inverse and its partners Music Victoria and VMDO using their name, likeness, image and/or voice in the event they are a successful applicant (including photograph, film and/or recording of the same) in any media for a minimum period of 3 months after their performance date, without additional remuneration for the purpose of promoting the Program and the VR Festival (including any outcome). If the Artist wishes to take down any content after the 3-month period, they can do so by requesting in writing to Inverse.

9. Artist Social Networks & Website: the Artist agrees to post the VR Festival details on the Artist’s social networking sites and official website (as applicable), to be supplied by Inverse.

10. Social Media Platforms: If the Program is run through Inverse’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter), neither the Program nor the VR Festival is sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with those companies and those companies have no liability to applicants in relation to the Program. Applicants agree to fully release Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter from any and all liability in relation to their participation in the Program. All information entrants provide in connection with the Program is to Inverse and its supporters and not to not to any social media platform.