Inverse was proud to work alongside Arts Access Victoria to film a Virtual Reality broadcast of the opening night of Amplify Festival.

Amplify’s opening night showcase was accompanied by a week-long art exhibition, highlighting the experience of being deaf and disabled in the Victorian music industry. It also included mentees from Arts Access Victoria’s new mentorship program, Music Makers, who participated in a series of performances and panel discussions, surrounded by artworks inspired by them and their personal experiences. This was all recorded by Inverse through the use of two high definition 360 cameras, capturing it all in immersive Virtual Reality.

The event focused on accessibility, aligning with Inverse’s own ethos in increasing participation in the arts.

Inverse will be providing an accessible viewing experience of the Amplify Festival footage, as part of Art Access Victoria’s ‘Thrive Festival’, on July 24th 2021.

To sign up to view the footage, please visit:


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