Grab a headset and start exploring a world of entertainment in virtual reality.

Inverse is Australia’s first ever ‘live’ entertainment platform connecting audiences with enriching experiences through fully immersive 3D virtual reality (VR) technology.
Using a headset, VR fully immerses you into a visceral and realistic 3D experience. Go beyond all boundaries with real time multi-camera angles to allow you to choose where to sit, stand, listen and jump. Get up close and personal with your favourite performers.

“Performing via Inverse VR live stream means I can share my original music with an audience all around the globe. An experience of genuine connection that dances straight across those usual mainstream social, economic and educational boundaries allowing complete accessibility to this unique, powerful and immersive way of bringing people together and closer to live music.”

– With big Love – Alana Wilkinson

“It’s like being there, no, its better than being there, you feel like you really in the room with the artists but closer than I could ever get in real life, wow, what an amazing experience”

– First Time Inverse User

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